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      Department of Foreign Language Research and Training

      Fujian Institute of Education


      我們的格言  Our Motto



      With a firm belief in serving the basic education,we will steadily move forward and pursue our dreams to cultivate a land of hope.



      Brief Introduction to Department of Foreign Language Research and Training





      After its resumption in 1978, Fujian Institute of Education dedicated itself to the teaching research. Under the guidance of the head of the English Department at the time, we compiled a series of English books for the preparation of college entrance examinations, thus making an outstanding contribution to the teaching of foreign languages in middle schools after the restoration of college entrance examination. In 1984, prior to other departments, our department enrolled fifty-two English majors (adult in-service teachers), taking the first-two years’ undergraduate courses. In 1986, we began to enroll adult English majors (who had already taken the first two years’ undergraduate courses and had been awarded a two-year college diploma in the Teacher’s College), taking the 3rd and 4th years’ undergraduate courses. In 1993, we began to enroll correspondence students taking either the first two years’ or the 3rd and 4th years’ undergraduate courses. In 2002, we began to enroll English and later Japanese vocational and technical college students working for a 3-year college diploma. In the past 20 years or so, the Foreign Languages Department has held on to the principle of serving middle schools, serving teachers, and serving the basic education, and has trained more than 6000 English or Japanese majors of all types. In order to meet the request of the new situation, the Department has begun to hold all kinds of short training courses for primary and middle school teachers of English since 1995 with a view to updating their specialized knowledge, providing them with new ideas of teaching, improving their teaching ability and ability of academic research. Besides, the Department has also had short training classes for people of different levels and from all walks of life such as Basic English Class, Oral English Class, LCCI International Business Certificate, IELTS, and Coaching Lessons. In 2004, to adapt to the need for the opening up of education to other countries, our institute established the Japanese Language Training Center and left it in the charge of the Foreign Languages Department. Since then, the Center has given Japanese lessons to anyone (both inside or outside the Institute) who wants to learn Japanese, and has so far recommended 41 learners to do their studies in Japan.

      At present, the basic education of our province is developing rapidly. Our institute is implementing the decisions made at the special conference held to discuss the development of Fujian Institute of Education by the Provincial CPC Committee and the Provincial Government. We will make sure of the main jobs that the Institute is centering on in 2008-2009 Academic Year; we will focus our attention on the important decisions made by the Provincial CPC Committee and the Provincial Government by means of focusing on the three functions of the Training of Teachers and Administrators, the Integrating of Training and Research, and the Organizing of the Three-Level Training (the province, the city, and the county); and we will focus on the orientation of Fujian Institute of Education in the new period.

      To adapt to the main tasks of the new period, Fujian Institute of Education has carried out a internal reformation of departments. Foreign Languages Department has now been changed to Department of Foreign Language Research and Training.